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If an LGBTQ, liberal, Democrat, native woman isn't woke enough for the Seattle, I must be Sleeping Beauty.

The Montana media is just now picking up on this story that I first talked about back in October. Former Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau, a Democrat who lost a Congressional race to Ryan Zinke (R-MT), was tapped to serve as the head of the entire public school district in Seattle. She hasn't been there long, but she's come under intense fire from the NAACP.

As The Seattle Times reported back in October, Juneau has been under fire from the NAACP for "exacerbating racism" in the Seattle public schools.

They say Juneau has failed to make progress on the demands they’ve been asking for, including better outcomes for Black students, mandatory and districtwide ethnic studies classes, and more engagement with Black families. They also say the district lost a number of Black men in leadership positions since Juneau assumed the role, and that it dropped the ball on reaching students of color during the pandemic.

The Associated Press, the Great Falls Tribune, and others are now reporting that Juneau will be on her way out since she has lost the support of the school board.

Juneau's camp responded to the criticism from the NAACP by saying that she "created an Office for African American Male Achievement," according to The Great Falls Tribune. A specific, segregated office of African American MALE achievement. That doesn't sound racist or discriminatory at all, does it?

The irony of the whole story is not lost on any of us back here in Montana. Like I said, if she isn't woke enough, then I must be sleeping beauty. Liberal blogger James Conner with the Flathead Memo also took issue with the attacks.


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