Now, for you radio guys that rock the music format instead of (or in addition to) the talk radio format- you're going to want to cue up the Kesha song about tick tock on the clock. Why? Because we have a Flip-Flip on TikTok.

That's right, liberal Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) has earned the nickname for being "The Flip-Flop Flat Top" Senator from Montana for being a pretend moderate in the United States Senate.

His latest flip-flop? Banning the Chinese intelligence collection tool, the social media app Tik Tok.

I planned on writing a story about this earlier in the week when I saw the Fox News headline about Senator Tester reversing course, but the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) beat me to the punch.

NRSC Spokeswoman Maggie Abboud said, "Montanans are getting whiplash from Jon Tester's constant flip-flopping on issues they care about.


Tester earlier said he supported a ban on TikTok, but now that the Republican Supermajority in the Montana Legislature and the Republican Governor actually got the job done...Tester says Montana should not have banned the app.

Just another flip flop from flat top. Just like how he claimed to support the Keystone Pipeline, but voted against it when it mattered most. Just like how he claims to support border security, yet has never done anything significant to rein in the lawless Biden Administration.

I saw another headline from CNN where the TikTok CEO is confident that they will prevail against Montana's ban on TikTok. Of course they're confident. They know we have liberal judges here in Montana that will choose Communist China over Montana.


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