We know nothing about the backstory at the time of this post. How did it happen? Was there foul play? Will it help bring closure for the parents?

Whatever all the story lines are, the fascinating world of forensics has made a positive identification of human remains found in southwestern Montana. And while the victim's tragic demise could be over a decade old, the state's crime lab was able to do some amazing work. But it did not happen overnight.

Associated Press tells us that the use of forensic genealogy helped investigators identify human remains that were found 7 years ago in a southwestern Montana wilderness area. He was a man from Texas, David Jon Milek, who was last seen by his parents in 2011.

The Granite County Sheriff reports that a Texas company compared DNA gathered from the skeletal remains to commercial databases and identified the man's parents. Mr. Milek, who had been living in Dallas, was 32 when he went missing. The Montana State Crime Lab conducted DNA testing of his parents to confirm the identity of the remains.

Cause of death could not be determined at autopsy, but foul play is not suspected.

One other totally unrelated note to attach here that involves Montana's great outdoors. Glacier National Park is ending its reservation requirement to travel on the Going-to-the-Sun Road after Labor Day as the busy summer season winds down. The park's shuttle service will also end after Labor Day.

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