Is Joe Biden even calling the shots? Does he even know what is going on? Those are actual questions we have been fielding from Montanans, especially given the disastrous withdrawal in Afghanistan on top of other news.

Ashley Smith Thomas gave us her answer. She is the Founder & CEO of Freedom’s Fund USA, a nonprofit to protect freedom and national security. She is also an Academy Fellow at the Heritage Foundation and has a background in US Intelligence Analysis.

One of the things Thomas pointed to was how President Biden repeatedly mentions how he is "instructed" to call on specific reporters, even during a press conference following the deadly attacks at the Kabul airport.

Ashley Smith Thomas: My opinion, and it's through all of this, is that it's actually Obama and Susan Rice who is running the country, because even though Obama had already served two terms, this here is his third term....former Acting Director of National Intelligence, Richard Grinnell, he served into the Trump administration. He's been a very vocal critic of the administration and has consistently stated to watch Susan Rice. He called her the shadow president, because right now she's in the White House leading the White House Domestic Policy Council, which means she's handling both domestic and apparently foreign policy. She also served as the National Security Advisor to Barack Obama. So if this is true, and if this is Obama and rice that is actually controlling Joe and controlling the situation inside the White House. I believe that is why we're seeing similar trends playing out now like what we saw under the Obama administration- one of which was the failed foreign policy and botched assignments like what we saw in Iraq and being Ghazi. This whole situation with Afghanistan reminds me very similar to Benghazi.

Here's the full audio:

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