A Montana lawmaker is working on a bill to try and bring ESPN's "GameDay" to Montana. Cool. But shouldn't our Montana lawmakers being working on making it easier for Montanans to be able to make it to GameDay?

That was my reaction when I heard the news that a Missoula legislator was working on legislation that would encourage ESPN to come to Missoula for GameDay. Before the Cat-Griz game in Missoula last year, the idea had a lot of support on social media. Both of Montana's US senators, a Democrat and a Republican, also jumped on the bandwagon.

Let's see if we can get ESPN to Bozeman for Cat-Griz this year, or Missoula for Cat-Griz next year. Great. But here's my problem: how many Montanans, who don't live in Bozeman or Missoula, would love to make it to either college town for a game but can't afford to due to high gas prices and inflation? Let's be honest, the price of everything is out of control. No wonder the people who make the college games these days are starting "Let's Go Brandon" chants.

You want to bring GameDay to Montana? Then bring your A game on Tuesday, November 8th and vote for candidates who are gonna work to keep more of YOUR money in YOUR pockets. Vote for candidates who are gonna lower gas prices with Made in America and Made in Montana energy.

Here's the video from last year as the state's Republican and Democrat senators teamed up to try and recruit ESPN to Montana.



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