This was very cool. We had these two cool little kids drop by our Montana Talks radio studios on Wednesday morning.

7 year old Eleanna and 6 year old Charles drove in with their mom, Amanda Peterman, from Hardin, Montana.

Eleanna said she was talking with her little brother one day, and she told him her idea: we should do a Christmas dinner for homeless people. Her little brother liked the idea too. So they brought it up to mom and dad.

Amanda Peterman told me how they figured they could just find a place in town that was doing a free dinner for the homeless and bring the kids to help volunteer. After placing a few calls around town they realized that noone was doing a Christmas dinner for the homeless- so they decided to make one happen anyway.

The free Christmas dinner will now be taking place at the First United Methodist Church on 122 5th St. W. in Hardin from 3-5 p.m. on Christmas Day.

Amanda Peterman: If folks want to come out and help we're welcoming anyone that would like to come help serve, cleanup or setup. But also if somebody doesn't have a place to go, we'd really- the kids- their main goal besides doing the dinner was they wanted to get everyone a present. So they've raised money so that they can go shopping to get everyone a present.

Amanda says the Christmas dinner isn't just for the homeless. If anyone in Hardin doesn't have a place to go for Christmas, or family and friends to enjoy the holiday with- you are invited too.

Here's the full audio as they joined us in studio:

What a great family.

Credit Aaron Flint
Photo of Amanda, Eleanna and Charles Peterman along with Montana Talks radio host Aaron Flint.

By the way, Charles says he is really hoping for some Legos this Christmas.

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