A truckers’ convoy stopped for lunch at the Wye in Missoula on Wednesday afternoon, on their way east to Washington, D.C. to protest the many mandates and restrictions imposed during the pandemic.

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One of the organizers of the event, Cindy Johnson of Missoula, spoke to KGVO News as she was preparing sandwiches for participants in the convoy.


“We are having the convoy come through,” said Johnson. “It started over in Seattle yesterday. They're coming through. They are here now and they are pulling through and getting lunches that we have provided through all the donations from all the people around here. Then they are getting gas and they're heading on down the road on the interstate.”

One of the participants who identified himself as Doug from Seattle, explained why he was driving a suburban rather than a semi in the convoy.

“I used to work for King County, but in the Seattle area they have a vaccine mandate and I wouldn't get it so they fired me,” said Doug. “So now I have plenty of time to do a convoy to protest the mandate to make the statement because (the state of) Washington is so locked down and so restricted and the governor's overstepping his boundaries and everything, so it's up to the people to set him straight.”

Doug shared the mood of the many drivers and passengers as they are heading east to Washington. D.C.

“Oh, everybody's excited,” he said. “This is the greatest thing I've been a part of in a long time. It's what America is and should be. I think it's just having their voices heard and to let [the] government know that there's a ton of people that are not excited and not happy with what they're doing, and then to say we've had enough, to take our country back, and that people have the power to stand up to the government and be heard, and it's we the people, not we the elite that run this country.”

Johnson echoed Doug’s sentiment about the purpose of the truckers’ convoy.

“They're standing up for our freedom, the freedom to say yes or no with a vax, or with a mask or anything. They are standing for freedom and they're law-abiding, honorable and respectful people. They are from all over Washington, Oregon, there's Idaho people and Montanans and that have joined them. There could be close to 300 to 350 vehicles that leave here and head toward Bozeman, which is their next stop.”


Enthusiastic crowds waving U.S. and Canadian flags hailed the truckers as they drove through the area on their way east headed for Washington D.C.

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