Governor Greg Gianforte gave his first State of the State address before the assembled Montana Legislature and other guests at the State Capitol on Thursday night.

Gianforte referenced the many campaign promises he made, that his agenda is ambitious in bringing Montana out of the COVID 19 pandemic stronger and healthier.

“Our agenda is ambitious,” said Gianforte. “Because four years from now, I see a place where more Montanans are realizing the American dream, working hard, earning a good living, and raising a family. I see a place where our kids and grandkids stay in Montana because this is where the best opportunities are. I see a place where our communities are safer and thriving. I see a place where we have come through this global pandemic stronger.”

Gianforte also addressed removing COVID 19 mandates, help with property taxes, limiting abortion, and attracting more businesses to Montana.

The Democratic response stated that Gianforte’s agenda did not do enough to help middle and lower income Montanans.


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