It's pretty cool that a candidate for governor is not only attending the Montana Governor's Cup Walleye Tournament, but over the weekend, Congressman Greg Gianforte (R-MT) actually fished in the tournament.

Why is that such a big deal? Frankly, if you talk to folks in Eastern Montana- they'll tell you that Eastern Montana often gets ignored by politicians and bureaucrats in Helena. And don't try telling them that you've been to Eastern Montana because you've been to Billings- that will get you laughed out of the bar pretty quick. (Pro-Tip: Visiting Billings doesn't count as visiting Eastern Montana)

Needless to say, the reason it is such a big deal to have a candidate for governor actually fish in the tournament is about more than showing that this is a candidate who shares our Montana values- it's about showing that this will be a governor who will show up for Eastern Montana.

OK. Politics'd the fishing turn out? Here's what Congressman Gianforte shared after the weekend on Fort Peck Lake:

Spent the weekend at Fort Peck visiting with folks and fishing the Governor's Cup Walleye Tournament. Finished 73rd out of 200 two person teams with 26.6lbs. Our biggest fish was 29.5". Last Gov or Gov candidate to fish the tournament was Ted Schwinden. Awesome fishery.

I also shared some great video from the start of the tournament on Friday morning. Click here to check it out on my Facebook page.

We also caught up with Congressman Gianforte Friday AM before he hit the lake. Click here to find out how to listen to the interview through our app, or to find out how to download our podcasts.


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