Let me let you in on a dirty secret. Wait, since oil comes from the earth- is it really dirty? Or is it Au Naturale? I digress.

Here's the deal: did you know that one of the main funding sources for conservation in America is oil and gas revenue? Land conservation, water conservation, habitat programs- the Land and Water Conservation Fund gets a LOT of money thanks to domestic oil and gas drilling in America.

What else gets a lot of money thanks to oil and gas drilling in America? Our national parks. That's right, thanks to domestic oil and gas drilling- and an effort by Montana Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) and former President Trump- this revenue can be used not only for land acquisition, it can also be used to fund infrastructure in our beloved national parks like Glacier and Yellowstone.

Here's the problem. Because the Biden Administration does not support domestic oil and gas drilling, their policies are not only driving up your gas prices- they're robbing Yellowstone and Glacier of critical infrastructure funding.

Here's the news from The Daily Caller:

Although 94% of the total $2.8 billion in annual conservation funding under the GAOA is provided by oil and gas royalties, the Biden administration has continuously limited oil and gas leasing, according to a report produced by the Western Energy Alliance, a trade group.

The report points out that if the national park infrastructure funding relied solely on green energy projects, only a mere fraction of funds would have been available.

Former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, who was recently elected to serve as a Montana congressman once again, was very pleased to see passage of the Great American Outdoors Act. Zinke credited Montana Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) for getting the bill through the Senate.

Zinke: This should be a national priority because our parks, the system itself, our wildlife refuges, our forest service lands- they're the envy of the world. I'm just so thrilled that this effort went forward....Steve Daines and I, we've battled for LWCF.


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