The extreme climate change activists are a major threat to our Montana economy and our Montana way of life. Oil, gas, coal, the outdoor economy- you name it- they want to shut us down. That's why this big news is good news for us here in Montana.

First- the big picture. Then- a Montana specific angle.

Big picture: Steve Moore with the Committee to Unleash Prosperity summed it up in a recent Unleash Prosperity Hotline- "Climate Change Coalition Cracking Up."

He shared this headline from Reuters: JPMorgan, State Street quit climate group, BlackRock steps back

Moore added:

This is a gigantic blow to the radical global green agenda as it removes at least $14 trillion managed by these firms from the UN’s anti-fossil fuels control. Four of the largest money management firms in the world – including Vanguard, which never joined the climate coalition in the first place – are now nonparticipants in the “Climate 100” movement.


Now for the Montana specific angle.

Before I had even seen Moore's update, I spotted a press release from Montana's Attorney General Austin Knudsen (R-MT).

AG Knudsen: This is great news. Now, JPMorgan can focus on making a profit for their shareholders, which is their job, rather than concerning themselves pushing the woke, liberal agenda. We need every asset management firm to follow suit.

According to a press release, Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen sent a letter to 53 asset managers raising concerns that the asset managers may be pushing the political goals of Climate Action 100+ rather than acting in the best fiduciary interests of their clients, which is their legal obligation. Here's a link to the full letter he sent last year.

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