According to a press release, governor Mark Gordon issued a directive preventing state agencies, boards and commissions from requiring “vaccine passports” to access state spaces and state services.

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The directive instructs state agencies to provide full access to state spaces and state services, regardless of a person's COVID-19 vaccination status.

Gordon said:

“Vaccine passport programs have the potential to politicize a decision that should not be politicized. They would divide our citizens at a time when unity in fighting the virus is essential, and harm those who are medically unable to receive the vaccine. While I strongly encourage Wyomingites over the age of 16 to get vaccinated against COVID-19, it is a personal choice based upon personal circumstances.”

The Governor’s directive encourages counties, cities, towns, and private businesses in Wyoming to provide full access to public spaces and services, regardless of an individual’s vaccination status.

Michael Pearlman, Communications Director for the governor's office, said directive only provides a recommendations to non-state entities.


Currently in Wyoming, 198,930 have gotten at least one dose of the vaccine, while 154,549 people, or 26% of the state's population, have gotten both doses.

The directive states it will be in effect until it has been rescinded.

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