The founder of Wyoming Liberty Group, Susan Gore, has finally spoken up about allegations of "spying" and "political espionage by her and Project Veritas.

The NYT claims that two "spies" infiltrated the Wyoming Democratic and moderates in the Republican Party to try and find anything nefarious.  As they usually do The New York Times cited unidentified sources. 

The headline for the liberal online publication WyoFile reads, "Stun and dismay follow political espionage revelations."

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In her press release, Susan Gore calls the Times article a hamburger that makes your mouth water, but when you bite into it? No meat. She claims the Times took bits and facts, real or fabricated, out of context.

As for responding to the allegations in detail she says "never answer the devil." She then goes on to compare the request for a response to a lawyer asking the husband, "when did you stop beating your wife?" The best answer is none at all.

The organization Project Veritas usually uses whistleblowers from the very people they are exposing.  An example of this is how the organization exposed both CNN and NYT for pushing flat-out propaganda rather than news. In some cases, it was people who worked at these news agencies who went to Project Veritas with the story.

Susan Gore's official press release is below.


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