Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - On the steps of the state capitol in Helena on Wednesday, Governor Greg Gianforte hosted another pro-life bill signing ceremony, just as he did two years ago. Gianforte said he was proud to stand for life by signing several pro-life bills.

“Today we stand together on the steps of the people's house to mark another historic day for Montana,” began Gianforte. “Today we're protecting the lives of the most vulnerable amongst us, unborn children. You know me and you know how dedicated I am to the cause of life. Like you, I firmly believe that all life is precious and needs to be protected. I've been proud to stand with you for life before I was in public service, and now as your governor, and I'm proud to stand with you today.”

Just as after the 2021 Session, Gianforte Held a Pro-Life Bill Signing Ceremony

Gianforte acknowledged the fact that several of the pro-life bills he signed in 2021 are still wrapped up in District Court.

“Last session we passed common-sense pro-life bills, and some have been tied up in the courts, but our commitment to do what's right for unborn babies, however, will never waver,” he said. “We have proven our commitment to defending life again this session. This wouldn't be possible without thousands of Montanans, folks all across our state, who make their voices heard and stand for the cause of life.”

One Bill Allows Medical Providers to Refuse to Perform an Abortion

The Governor described HB 303, which enables medical providers to refuse participation in providing an abortion if it runs contrary to their personal beliefs.

“I'll be signing House Bill 303, which ensures medical practitioners can exercise their right of conscience,” he said. “Abortion is gut-wrenching and heartbreaking. Often medical providers find themselves in the middle of these tragic situations, compromising their sincerely held ethical, moral, and religious beliefs. It establishes the right of medical conscience, protecting nurses and physicians who cannot conscientiously perform a specific procedure.”

Gianforte introduced Jeff Lazloffy, president of the Montana Family Foundation for his comments on the pro-life bills passed this session.

The President of the Montana Family Foundation Joined the Governor

“Today would not have been possible without pro-life legislators willing to do the heavy lifting,” said Lazloffy. “It would not have been possible without a pro-life Governor and Lieutenant Governor dedicated to protecting the lives of the pre-born, and it would have not been possible without ordinary citizens and pro-life groups willing to testify, provide logistics and engage in shuttle diplomacy.”

These groups included pro-life Helena, Students for Life, the Alliance Defending Freedom, Montana Family Foundation, and the Montana Catholic Conference among others.

Before signing five of the bills into law, Governor Gianforte highlighted two key pro-life, pro-child, pro-family policies in his budget for Montana families – a $1,200 refundable child tax credit for children under six years of age and an adoption tax credit up to $7,500.

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