Absentee ballots have already hit mailboxes across the state, and many Montanans are wondering: how do we get any information on these judicial candidates here in the state?

I got a great message from Laurie in Kalispell on Sunday night: "Aaron, what was the website that listed how much money the judicial candidates donated?" Thanks for the reminder Laurie.


Last week, I had a similar question thrown at me while I was live on the radio. A caller from Kalispell had some questions about some names of the folks running for judge in Flathead County. He was wondering where he could go to find any information about them.

I told him that, unfortunately, there is typically very little info about these judicial candidates. One great resource; though; is put together by the Montana Family Foundation. When I went to their website, that ended up leading me to MontanaVoterGuide.com.

What they do can be appreciated (IMHO) no matter what your political persuasion may be. They follow the money and show you what political campaign contributions each judicial candidate has given in the past.

For example, let's take District 11 judicial candidates, which is Flathead County.

Amy Eddy: She has given 100% of her near $6,000 in campaign contributions to Democrats.

Paul Sullivan: 89% of his over $6,000 in campaign contributions has gone to Democrats.

Eric Hummel: 61.5% of his $720 in campaign contributions has gone to Republicans.

Heidi Ulbricht: She has only donated $90 in campaign contributions. 100% of that has gone to Republicans.

Take the info for what it is worth and definitely be sure to weigh it with other information and endorsements from people or organizations you trust. Click here to see what the Montana Voter Guide shows us about the candidates for judge on your ballot.

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