Since our free ticket giveaway went so well for the Magic City Blues Fest tickets...why not throw some other freebies your way? Thanks to our friends at Pharm406 in Billings, we now have some free cryotherapy sessions for you.

If you've grown up in Montana and jumped into Flathead Lake or Fort Peck Lake in early June- you know exactly what I am talking about. There is something about the cold that is very refreshing. If you have muscle aches or back pain, the cold water certainly seems to help.

Think about, though. Professional athletes are known for taking ice baths following their strenuous workouts and practices, so there has got to be something to it, right?

If you've never tried cryotherapy, but you're interested in giving it a try- download the Montana Talks app on your smartphone and message us on the app that you'd like to give it a try. I've got free passes for cryotherapy sessions at Pharm406 in Billings for the first several folks to message us. If you're one of the first to message us, we'll drop the pass in the mail for you.

Pharm406 owner and founder Kyle Austin is a big fan of cryotherapy. They have a few of the "Cryo Innovations" chambers at the Billings West End location.

Kyle says there are many benefits of cryotherapy. Here's the list from their website:

  1. Decrease pain
  2. Reduce swelling and inflammation
  3. Accelerate muscle recovery time
  4. Boost performance
  5. Assist in post-injury recovery
  6. Increase energy and endorphin levels
  7. Increase collagen production
  8. Reverse signs of aging
  9. Burn calories
  10. Help treat skin conditions
  11. Strengthen the immune system

Click here to schedule online if you simply want to book a session. Or, if you want a shot at getting a free session, message us on the Montana Talks app.

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