I hate to break it to you but - so much of what you believe simply is not true.

It could be because you were taught wrong.

For various reasons people hear stories wrong or retell them wrong.

Details are left out for various reasons.

Whatever the case, our ideas of politics, religion, science, and history are tainted and skewed.

That is why so many Americans were interested in hearing "The True Story Of Thanksgiving," every year, as told by Rush Limbaugh.

Rush went back to the actual diary of William Bradford, who lead the pilgrim's little village, and read from that as he explained what really happened.

The story is one that shaped what America would become.

You are told that the Pilgrims arrived here after an arduous trip across the Atlantic Ocean. They had nothing. The Indians took pity on them. The Indians saw them, and the Indians saved them. The Indians taught them to hunt and grow food.

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We are then told that, after the Indians had saved them, the Pilgrims thanked them with a feast.

So, the story of Thanksgiving that’s taught is basically how without the Native Americans there wouldn’t be a country because the Pilgrims would have died. At least the Pilgrims were nice enough to pay the Indians back with a big Thanksgiving dinner. (Rush Limbaugh).

A little of that is true. But that is nowhere near the entire story. It is not the most important part of the story.

So let's go back to the journal of William Bradford with Rush Limbaugh and take a look at what really happened.

Rush's version of the story is in the video below.

Many of the lessons the pilgrims learned are lessons that some people around the world have yet to learn.

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