It’s been a great honor to have a radio talk show that airs before Rush in several markets in Montana- including Billings, Bozeman, Livingston, Butte, Great Falls, Helena and Kalispell. But how do you sum up the life and career of the man who made such a mark on this country, on politics, and on talk radio especially?

I spoke with Tyler Cox who was a friend and program director with Rush Limbaugh at KFBK radio. He told me about the time he attended the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) radio show with Rush, and how countless radio station owners and program directors would constantly approach Rush and say "thank you for saving my radio station."

For me, like many of you- Rush Limbaugh's impact wasn't just political, it was personal.

When the news director for KTVQ-TV in Billings asked me for reaction to the news that Rush Limbaugh had passed away- here's what came to mind for me:

As a kid who started making my own money by stuffing newspapers at the Glasgow Courier in 4th grade - Rush Limbaugh’s message of economic hope and opportunity immediately stood out to me. He has been an inspiration ever since I first read one of his books when I was still just a junior high kid in the 1990s. Even more than conservative principles, Rush always taught about the love for America, and will forever be remembered as one of our nation’s greatest patriots.

By the way, I enjoyed a great conversation with Q2's Russ Reisinger. Check out the full story by clicking here. Here's an excerpt:

“Rush reminded every day Americans that you are not alone. Your beliefs are the majority. You just need to get your message out,” said Flint.



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