Montanans will certainly know the name Heather Nauert. She was one of your favorite Fox News personalities. Then she answered the call from former President Donald Trump to serve as the State Department spokeswoman in the Trump Administration.

She's now fighting for our wounded warriors and our friends who were left behind in Afghanistan. Oh yeah- and she lives in Montana.

We did our radio show from the Quiet Waters Ranch outside Bozeman. The ranch is home to Warriors & Quiet Waters- an incredible organization serving warriors facing visible and invisible wounds. They're mostly known for taking wounded warriors out fishing, but now they've expanded their programming to ice fishing in Northeastern Montana as well. They're also integrating families and caregivers into their FX's (fishing experiences.

Heather Nauert and I talked about the upcoming 20th Anniversary of the 9-11 terror attacks. She was in NYC when the attacks occurred. I was in our nation's capitol working for a US Senator from Montana.

She also talked about Warriors & Quiet Waters and what they're doing for our post 9-11 veterans. Full audio with Nauert is below.

We also shared audio of our conversation with retired Delta Force medic Dan Orth- a WQW alum, and WQW board member Tom Stiffler- a great Vietnam Veteran. (FYI- the audio was slightly impacted by the cell coverage this morning)

Hope to see you all at Warrior Taste Fest in Bozeman on Friday night. Tickets are still available if you're able to join us.

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