The concept behind this year's Mason Moore Foundation fundraising calendar was awesome. Each month they recognized a member of Montana law enforcement along with their K9 sidekick.

Believe it or not as we enter the month of May, the Mason Moore Foundation is already getting ready to go to production for their 2024 calendar to raise money for safety equipment on for Montana's law enforcement personnel. They're asking for your help to nominate some law enforcement officers who are worthy of recognition on next year's calendar.

We caught up with Jodi Moore, the widow of fallen Broadwater County Sheriff's Deputy Mason Moore, on Monday. She is encouraging Montanans to nominate someone for next year's calendar by e-mailing masonmoorefoundation (at)

Jodi Moore: If they can just put in the subject line "law enforcement calendar nomination." Send us nominations of officers that have helped you, that have a good, great positive attitude or as we say-  a "love wins" attitude, which is kind of the motto that we use with the foundation. Someone that's helped you out or supported you. Just an officer that you feel that should be highlighted in our calendar. So if you'll just send us their name and department that they work for, and why you feel they should be in our calendar...

Jodi says the foundation is especially looking for officers with that "love wins" attitude.

Jodi Moore: 'Love wins' has been kind of something that we started, actually, essentially it started with the speech that I gave at Mason's funeral. Part of the letter that he left me was not to let hate take over your life, and so part of that is having- to let love win, and that actually comes from the book of Corinthians in the Bible. So that's kind of where that started for us is, and just our focus is really not to let what those men did to us- do not let that hate win in our life. So it's important that love wins.

Jodi Moore joined us around 745 during the podcast below:

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