Back in May we caught up with one of the legendary Horse Soldiers- the green berets who rode into Afghanistan on horseback- ahead of some public events and bottle signings in the Kalispell area.

For those of you who didn't get a chance to shake Vince Makela's (in photo above) hand back in May, you've got some more opportunities to shake the hands of these American heroes coming up in the Bozeman and Big Sky areas.

Mark Nutsch, who was the Operational Detachment Alpha (ODA) team leader for the Horse Soldiers, will be in the Gallatin Valley area along with fellow Horse Soldier Will Summers. They'll be doing bottle signing events for their Horse Soldier Bourbon, as well as some speaking events. Green Beret veteran and Horse Soldier Bourbon President Scott Neil will also be on hand for some of the events.

Here's part of our conversation with Vince Makela last month:

Aaron Flint: What was it like riding in northern Afghanistan on horseback?

Vince Makela: We all had big, huge grins on our faces. It was definitely a dream for us. But we had a mission at hand, and that was to get back at the Taliban and al Qaeda for what they did to us on on 9-11. So that was always foremost in our minds.


The audio of our chat with Mark Nutsch, Will Summers and Scott Neill can be heard in the 2nd half of the podcast audio below:

Here is the full schedule of events in the Bozeman and Big Sky areas:




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