Has Chick-fil-A gone woke? Apparently so. This oughta be breaking news for the Chick-fil-A guy at The Billings Gazette. Hey Gazette Chick-fil-A guy...it's safe...you can now admit that you actually like the chicken!

You remember the reporter at the Billings Gazette who did a story about the massive turnout for the grand opening of the Chick-fil-A in Billings, Montana? He started attacking the founders of the company because of their Christian beliefs, and for the various pro-marriage causes that they funded over the years.

That's expected from a liberal newspaper. But then he pretended that the chicken wasn't that good either. Come on dude, you may not like their politics- but you can admit it: the chicken is good.

Now that Chick-fil-A has gone "woke", I guess it's safe for the liberal Gazette reporter to say that the chicken is actually good.

Some of you may be wondering- wait, Chick-fil-A went woke? At first I thought they just took fire because news of their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion coordinator went public. But that's been around for years.

Apparently there's more to it, as Jeff Laszloffy shared in a recent radio update for the Montana Family Foundation:

Jeff Laszloffy: It was reported that even Chick fil A, that bastion of corporate Christian virtue, has now turned their backs on the values that led to their success. As reported, they've stopped donating to Christian organizations that support God's design for marriage, and have instead begun donating to LGBT groups, and even to the Southern Poverty Law Center. And it's not just the corporate world, schools and government entities have for years been pushing a Woke Agenda to the point where state legislatures have finally said enough is enough. It's time to stop using taxpayer dollars to fund activities that harm families and children.

Here's a report from Fox Business on the DEI news.


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