Hey Boo Boo...there's some fentanyl in my pic-uh-nic basket...

You have to try and figure out a way to laugh at the craziness happening in this country right now. Did you see this story about how illegal aliens (or migrants as they want us to call them) are being housed on national park land?

As Fox News reports:

House Republican leaders are opening a probe into the White House over its decision to bypass environmental regulations when green-lighting a plan to house migrants on public land in New York.

Granted, it doesn't sound like they're housing illegal aliens in Yellowstone National Park or Glacier National Park, but still- if land is sacred enough to be deemed a national park, why would we house illegal aliens on it?

Congressman Bruce Westerman (R-AR) is the Chairman of the US House Natural Resources Committee. He had this to say about the Biden Administration housing "migrants" in national parks:

Rep. Westerman: The Biden administration's border policies continue to tarnish every aspect of American life. Not only have these failures directly resulted in 6 million illegal crossings since Joe Biden took office, a devastating fentanyl crisis and an increase in terrorism threats, but now the administration is attempting to permanently alter our national parks by permitting the construction of migrant camps on some of America's most treasured lands. According to this precedent, President Biden's failing border policies are coming to a park near you. 

Here's the deal though when it comes to illegal aliens, drugs, and our national parks: we know that the Mexican drug cartels are bringing meth and fentanyl into Montana. We also know from our friends at the DEA that drug runners have taken advantage of our national parks and other national forest lands to smuggle drugs into our country and into Montana.

How shameful is it that we as Montanans have to have a reservation to get into Glacier National Park, but illegal aliens don't have to have a reservation to break into America? 


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