Are highways racist? Instead of fixing potholes, do we need to fix the racism that is inherent in our roadways?

This is no joke. Well it is a joke, but it's also real. Even though our country is going bankrupt, and they just hit the debt ceiling once again in Washington, DC, the Biden Administration and Congressional Democrats are trying to shove a so-called infrastructure bill through.

Yet, in this so-called infrastructure bill, only about 10% of the money will go towards projects that you would actually consider infrastructure. And of that money, guess how they want to spend it?  You guessed it- they want to spend money to fix the racist highways.

Republican Study Committee Chairman Tom banks (R-IN) shared that tidbit, along with several other concerning items in the so-called infrastructure package, in a memo to his fellow House Republicans. Here's a couple excerpts:

Fixes ‘racism’ in highways: Part of the $110 billion earmarked for rebuilding roads/bridges is dedicated to fixing the “racism physically built into some of our highways” Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg described.

Pushes Left’s social justice mission: The term “equity” is included 64 times.

As Fox News reports, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has previously talked about highways and racism:

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg in April told the website "The Grio" that roadways in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington, DC, were "built at the expense of communities of color."

"There is racism physically built into some of the highways, and that’s why the jobs plan has specifically committed to reconnect some of the communities that were divided," Buttigieg said at the time.

Hey, maybe this is how you can get 4 for 2 on Highway 2 in Montana? When I drive across the Hi Line in Montana, I'll still see some slightly faded "4 for 2" signs from folks who want to see 4 lanes of Highway 2 all across the northern tier- an effort that really had a vocal backing in the early 2000s. You obviously haven't gotten 4 lanes due to all of the racists back in Washington, DC.

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