Hey waitress! Good news. A Montana senator introduced a bill to stop taxing tips. This, after President Donald J. Trump pledged to stop taxing tips if he is elected president in November.

Montana's US Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) met with President Trump last week on Capitol Hill. He called Trump's "don't tax tips" plan a "genius idea."

Senator Daines: "This all is part of what we need to do in America to help this economy- but importantly, to help hard working middle class men and women who are struggling under this crazy Biden economy and 20% plus inflation."

He called Trump's "don't tax tips" plan a "genius idea." When a radio listener named Tim in Billings called in and asked about this idea, Daines agreed that we shouldn't tax tips. He also liked the idea that Montanans should leave a note (along with a very good tip) for their waiter or waitresses- Vote Trump and Sheehy for No Tax on Tips!

Senator Daines: "You're exactly right. We need all Montanans when they get their bill from the waiter or waitress to write down vote for Trump and Sheehy- no taxes on tips. It's actually a stroke of genius when Trump proposed this in Las Vegas a week ago Sunday."

Senator Daines introduced the very bill to stop taxing tips earlier this week and is joined in the Senate by other freedom fighters like Texas Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Full audio of our chat with Senator Daines as he talked about his meetings with Trump, the 2024 Senate race, and more.



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