If you're in Billings, Montana right now you know it: America isn't over yet...

I had to share that thought that came to mind just before 4 p.m. on Saturday as the US Navy's Blue Angels were flying overhead. Not just from the intense skill of the pilots and the greatness of our military on display overhead and in static displays at the air show, but from the patriotism and the love of country you could feel in the crowd.

Here's how some other folks reacted:

Dale: Such a Patriotic display of pride and power. Loved watching your flight in #7. The power and precision of those jets and the pilots is amazing. Makes you proud to be an American
Katie: It was incredible… talk about having goosebumps! The hair stood up on my arms .…the immense speed was unbelievable! Makes a girl incredibly thankful to all of our hero’s!
Christy: Watching this air show today helps me believe that is so Aaron, especially watching the F35 and F18 by the lady! I shed a few tears at the incredible skill and precision these pilots displayed! My heart is full.
Terry: At least not in the Free State of Montana
Russ: I totally agree! God bless America
For those who missed the video of my flight with the Blue Angels last week ahead of the air show, here's a quick supercut put together by the great Montana photographer Paul Humphrey featuring the GoPro video onboard the F-18.

Here's some of the great photos captured by the US Navy Blue Angels photographers:

Oh we're dangerous...of course we had to snag a photo with the Top Gun impersonators on hand for the big event.





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