Resolve. Determination. Warrior. Those were some of the words our radio listeners used to describe President Trump's mugshot now symbolizing the Soviet style political persecution facing the former president.

"I want you"- to Make America Great Again. One listener said Trump's face reminded him of the legendary Uncle Sam poster. A listener with the call sign "Lightbrows" from Hardin said he wants the mugshot on a t-shirt with the words printed, "Tell them I'm coming and hell's coming with me".

I caught up with Marc Lotter, a former special assistant to President Trump, earlier this week. We got his take on the Republican presidential debate, and on Trump's mugshot.

I mentioned how Trump appeared to get a hero's welcome in Fulton County, Georgia by many in  the black community in particular.

Marc Lotter: There was a Fox News poll over the weekend that showed that the president would pull 20% support from from the black community right now. I mean, that's game over for the Democrats. Now granted, I do not expect it's going to end up that way. You know, some of them will start to come home as their- to the Democrat party as we get closer. But even if you move the needle by a few percentage points, that's enough to change the outcome of these elections. And we'd have to remember that in places like Wisconsin, in Michigan, and Pennsylvania, in Georgia, in Arizona, we're talking about the difference of 10's of 1000's of votes. And so just a small shift in any kind of a major voting demographic could change the outcomes of these elections. And that's what we're going to need.

Full audio of our chat with Marc Lotter in the 2nd half of the below podcast (the Raven Harrison conversation is GREAT also):



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