Recently President Biden suggested that any citizen that wanted to take on the government would need F-15s and Nukes. You can watch his comments at this link.

Suddenly, and quite predictably, the internet exploded with memes of people going shopping for fighter jets and nukes.

Well, I'm not sure about buying NUKES! But you can buy fighter jets. Two that are on display are in Casper, Wyoming at the Jim Good Aviation & Veteran's museum in Casper Wyoming. These two Mig fighters were purchased at the end of the cold war from Poland.

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Those two planes might be a bit out of date, but there are others that are a bit more modern and for sale.

Here is a guy who owns an actual F-18 Hornet:

There are websites for pilots featuring used airplanes of all sorts, including fighter jets from around the world. Just in case you are wondering, yet there are a couple of F-15s out there that are owned by private citizens in the USA.

Would you like an F-4 Phantom? Badass plane of Vietnam. Here is a link to where one is for sale. 

Okay, so I can get you into an airplane. But there will be a little problem with getting you modern technology and bombs and missiles to actually fight. That's okay. One step at a time. First, we figure out how to get the money to buy the plane. Once we get the plane we need to figure out how to fly it. After that, we can worry about the amunition.

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