We had a fast-moving morning on Wednesday as I set up for our live radio show from inside the Capitol rotunda in Helena. In addition to our statewide show from 9-10 a.m., I started setting up around 7:30 a.m. and had a steady lineup of folks to chat with all the way through until 10 a.m.

Before I hit some of the highlights of the show, let me tell you--if you have never been to the capitol when the legislature is not in session, I would highly recommend it. I showed up at the capitol just before the doors unlocked at 7 a.m., and for a few minutes, I had the place to myself.  When you think of the serenity and the beauty of the Treasure State and Big Sky Country, that is exactly what will you witness when you have the capitol all to yourself in the early morning hours.

Now, on to the news highlights following our trip.

First, if you go to our Montana Talks podcast, you'll find our conversation with Lt. Gov. Kristen Juras. She is heading up the Governor's Red Tape Relief Task Force focused on trimming down the pile of regulations and red tape on the books. Here's the full audio:

With Gov. Greg Gianforte, featured in the photo above, we got an update on the fire situation in the state, and how the state is looking to increase the target number for fuel reduction efforts. Here's the audio with Gov. Gianforte:

We also got an update on the budget, and revenue available to help fight the fires this year from Budget Director Kurt Alme. I also asked him, from a budgetary standpoint, what is the one number that he is focusing on the most. His answer: inflation. Here's the audio:

In addition to statewide elected officials like Superintendent Elsie Arntzen and Secretary of State Christie Jacobsen, we also got an update on the American Legion convention happening in Helena and heard from County Commissioner Tom Rolfe, as well as Ryan Luchau with Impact Montana and others.




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