"NEWS RELEASE: Three Yellowstone wolves killed in Montana during first week of Montana’s hunting season"

That was the sensational Facebook post from the official Yellowstone National Park Facebook page. And within minutes of the partisan political post by whoever runs the Yellowstone National Park Facebook page, hunters already started jumping in.

Mark- "That's awesome, great start. Good luck to all the hunters!!"

Scott- "Great start, hope they get a few more."


You can read the YNP Facebook post here. In the "news release" they noted:

Yellowstone National Park wolf biologists report that the park’s Junction Butte Pack (27 wolves) lost three wolves to Montana hunters during the first week of Montana’s wolf hunting season.

For anyone who has been following the wolf debate in Montana and exercising any brand of common sense, you would recognize the fact that wolf populations are out of control.

Rep. Paul Fielder (R-Thompson Falls) advanced several common sense reforms in the recent Montana legislative session. Back in April, he highlighted the declining elk populations in his neck of the woods in Northwest Montana, and the over population of wolves in the Northern Rockies in this Montana Public Radio piece.

The latest population data show just over 1,100 wolves in Montana, concentrated almost entirely in the western half of the state. Fielder said that’s more than four times the minimum for a recovered population set by wildlife managers

For more background on wildlife and legislation in Montana, check out this story from a while back. Read More: Northwest Montana Legislator Talks Wolf, Bear Hunting Bills |

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