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Think back to August last year. None of us had heard of COVID-19 or Coronavirus.

Subsequently, we never imagined that anyone would have the power to mandate mandatory mask-wearing, or that grocery stores would be putting direction arrows in their aisles, or that our governor could just order the closure of most of our businesses.

Back then most residents of our county couldn't tell you the name of our county health director, or that he has the power to regulate everything from commerce, to kids sporting event attendance, to the proper way to clean your spit valve on musical instruments.

I think it's going to get worse. I think that they'll shut the schools down again, and possibly shut all nonessential businesses again. The numbers can't possibly go up because of the mask mandate, right?  Because masks work, right?

And social distancing works, so I'm not sure why we need masks. But, I wear my mask in the businesses that require it. And in 99% of the business that I've patronized over the last 30 days, I have seen some sort of mask violation.

I personally don't believe this pandemic is anywhere close to what the mainstream media has tried to make it. The number of fatalities tied to it in Montana this year are 33 less than we've had killed on our highways to date. But, I don't see any extra patrols slowing speeders down.

I'm not at risk. I have never smoked. I am not morbidly obese. I'm not over 70 years of age. I shouldn't have to wear a mask. If you are at risk, then YOU should mask up.

I hope the shutdowns don't happen. Kids should be in schools. Businesses that pay all that property tax money should be allowed to do commerce.

I hear that some lawsuits to allow spectators at sporting events are already in motion. Sadly, I think after the parents win the suit, schools will be shut down because of it.

I don't believe the numbers we hear about testing. I think that there is fraud all over the testing spectrum.

I hate how many people don't mind losing some of their freedoms because of the way it's been sold to us. I also think that everything will be back to normal around the inauguration day in January.

Also, if you haven't gotten your phone calls returned by our county health director, here's his e-mail address:


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