In a long meeting that included nearly two hours of public comment, the Gallatin County Commissioners voted to conduct our upcoming General Election in November by mail-in ballots. The vote was 2-1.

Many members of the community attended the meeting to speak out (sitting in chairs 6ft apart), while others voiced their opinions via Zoom. Once the decision was final, social media came alive with passionate comments for and against the decision.

Michelle on NBC Montana's website was disappointed:

"There is no reason to change the voting system to all mail. If a voter feels it is necessary for them to vote by mail they can pursue that properly by requesting an absentee ballot which ensures they are registered and verifies identity. We need to protect the integrity of the voting system by ensuring voters are registered citizens and by verifying their identity."  - Michelle

While Diane on KBZK's Facebook page was in agreement with the commissioners:

"I love being able mail in my ballot. I am amazed at how many people are upset about mailing in ballots that has been going on for years." - Diane

XL County asked our listeners before the vote how they felt about mail-in voting. Nearly 900 people participated in the poll.

Do You Think the 2020 General Election Should Be Conducted by Mail-In Ballot?

Credit: Crowdsignal
Credit: Crowdsignal

Ballots will be mailed to all active voters for the November General Election on October 9th. They can be returned by mail (return postage is provided) or in-person at the ballot deposit locations provided on the instructions contained in the ballot packet.

Federal elections are run by the individual states. Governor Steve Bullock issued a directive last week allowing individual counties in Montana to decide whether or not to hold voting by ballot or mail.

Commissioners Don Seifert and Scott MacFarlane voted for mail in voting. Commissioner Joe Skinner voted against.


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