Originally published on April 2, 2024

They're not just going after Trump. They're going after peaceful pro life protestors. They're going after Catholics. They're going after small gun shop owners. And they'll come after you- just like they went after General Flynn.

We got the chance to catch up with General Michael Flynn Tuesday morning. He once headed up the Defense Intelligence Agency, and served as National Security Advisor to President Trump. He'll be in Billings April 28th for a LIVE, in person Q&A session and the screening of the new "Flynn Movie" documentary.

The Flynn Movie is "a gripping and revealing true film exploring the life of General Michael Flynn, from his rise in the US Military, to the severe political persecution he faced exposing corruption as the National Security Advisor to President Trump."

Here's part of what General Flynn had to say on Tuesday's "Montana Talks" radio show with Aaron Flint. 

General Flynn: "I have fought for over 33 years, five years in direct combat operations against enemies of our country overseas, and I never thought that the greatest battle I'd ever face is right here at home- against the weaponized Department of Justice, FBI, and other elements. So that will come out in this film, for sure. Believe me. I mean, there's some things that- there are some revelations that will come out in this film that I've never ever talked about with any podcast, any radio show that I've done, that I've kind of held on to because I think that they're just so important for the American people to know about."

General Flynn says Montana is important, especially with the large number of veterans in the Big Sky state. He added this when it comes to the dangers facing out country:

General Flynn: "This is not because of incompetence. This is because we have a government that's in power that wants to change the very course and direction of our country towards more- more towards socialism than what we still maintain by threads which is this Constitutional Republic."

Here's the full audio of our chat with General Flynn: 

Find out where all his events will be held at FlynnMovie.com. Here's the flyer for the event in Billings, Montana on April 28th, 2024:

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