Yesterday we put up 5 pizza joints here in Butte as some of the best in town.  But according to many readers and listeners some of the best pizza in town can be found on the hill.  And they've definitely got a point.


Vu Villa on Park Street. Photo: Tommy O/Townsquare Media
Vu Villa on Park Street. Photo: Tommy O/Townsquare Media

I remember when the Vu Villa started serving pizza in the early 1980s.  I was in junior high and living on the hill and this immediately became my favorite pizza in town.  And in the many, many years since then, their pizza remains some of the best you'll find anywhere.  The Vu has always been synonymous with Montana Tech and their Digger Special is simply a work of art.  Pepperoni, salami, sausage, Canadian Bacon, black olive, onion and green pepper.  I want one now.  You really can't go wrong with any of their specialty pizzas, particularly their Taco Pizza.  The Vu also has a selection of appetizers and salads available and is a great place to catch a game on TV with friends.


Butte Brewing Company. Photo: Tommy O/Townsquare Media
Butte Brewing Company.
Photo: Tommy O/Townsquare Medi

Butte Brewing Company has deliciously revived two items of Butte's past that are too good to lose to history.  Most notably, they revived the "Butte Beer" label after it's unceremonious departure back in the 1960s.  But not a lot of people know that Butte Brewing's pizza recipes come from the now closed Broadway Cafe, once famous for their delicious and hearty pizza pies.  At the Butte Pizza Co., their pizzas are "New York Style" thin crust and many claim to be the best in Butte.  Try the "Big Butte" with spicy Italian sausage, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, black olives, garlic and olive oil, or maybe their "Gambretti" with shrimp, red pepper flakes, tomatoes and green onions.  At Butte Brewing Co., it's hard to make a bad choice.


You will frequently find the Big Hole Pizza fire truck around town and they are worth the stop.  Why a fire truck?  Because there's an actual wood-fired oven inside the frame that, along with their fresh ingredients and mozarella, gives their pies that unmistakable taste.  Their prices are very competitive and sometimes you'll even get the owner's kids as your adorable servers.  A great family-owned pizza outfit.

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