I was already planning on hitting the road later this week for the Farm Expo in Plentywood, Montana anyway- so why not make a trip out of it? We're gonna be paying for some of your groceries, your pizza, and more over the next several days of our Montana tour.

Here's the deal: we know that Montanans are being hit HARD by inflation. Massive federal government spending is continuing to drive up inflation. So we want to help out. We want to help cover the cost of inflation, which one report now says is up 24%.

Here's what we're going to do:

We are going to be handing out grocery store gift cards OR picking up part of your tab for your meal. We'll start our tour in what some have called "the forgotten corner"- Northeast Montana- in Glasgow at Eugene's Pizza on Thursday night.

Then, separate from our radio show Friday morning, from around 10:30 a.m. to about 12:30 p.m. we will be handing out grocery store gift cards in Plentywood. We will do a similar event at Schmeckfest in Lustre Friday night.

These events will be paid for by our friends at Americans for Prosperity-Montana. We won't be telling you who to vote for- but we will be talking to folks about government policies, and the impacts of those policies.

How Will It Work?

It will depend on each location. For our first event of the tour- at my favorite pizza place in the state, in the town I call my hometown- this is what we are doing: to make up for inflation, AFP-Montana will pay the 24% difference inflation has caused on menu prices all across the country. AFP will pay the difference, before tip, for two hours. See us at the event and we can tell you more.

Where To After Northeast Montana?

We'll then head to The Den on the West End of Billings Saturday from 4-6 p.m. for a similar event. Late Sunday afternoon- look for us to see you at Da Kava House at their West End location in Billings. Monday, we head to events in the Hardin area with more details to follow. Then on Tuesday, we will have a lunchtime event at the High Horse Saloon in Billings.

Do you have a restaurant, grocery store, bar, or trading post that you want us to come to next for a similar event here in Montana? Shoot an e-mail to aaron (at) montanatalks.com

See you on the road!


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