If you're like me, your fantasy Football team has already lost. It's not all bad, however. At least it means NFL Football is finally back!

Picking your Fantasy Draft team name is almost as fun as the actual draft in my opinion. You see, I'm absolutely terrible at Fantasy Football. I've never won. Even in an 8 team league. One time I made the playoffs, and that's literally my claim to success. I don't want to make excuses. I feel I draft pretty well, but I always draw almost last to pick, and then I'm behind the 8 ball. I know, I know you're saying "Well that's just an excuse for a terrible draft and you can't pick three kickers in a row". Well, it's called strategy. Get off my back about it.

Anyway, I proposed a new rule. This year each team has to come up with a team name that is Montana-themed. It could be towns, cities, counties, rivers, lakes, mountains former Grizzly and Bobcat players. You get the point. If I take a huge loss once again this year, at least I'll have a rad Fantasy name. So I got that going for me, which is nice.

I threw the idea out to some co-workers and friends and within minutes the names started rolling in. Feel free to change your team name to any of these. It's all in good fun.
Eureka! This Team is Terrible

Fill The Judith A Gap

Tom Brady is A Toole

In It To Winnet

Can You Smell What The Dalvin is Cook County

Pick 406

I'm Too Yellowstoned To Draft

They All Float Down Jonsroude

My Team is a Butte

Rocky Mountain Sea Shuckers

I've Drafted Pretty Lolo

The Grizzly Adams

Eff Tee See Me Win This Year

Keep Talking Trash and You'll Get The Belt

Welcome To Fantasy Hell-ena

Baker Mayfield Montana

Why is Winning So Hardin? 

Don't Jordan Tripp When You Lose

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