It is time to halt federal funding to these college campuses that are allowing this shocking antisemitism to occur. That was the word from Montana's US Senator Steve Daines (R-MT) who joined me from Capitol Hill earlier this week.

Senator Daines: "One of the things we need to do, and I joined my Republican colleagues, by the way, no Democrats have joined us in this effort- and that is, defunding these colleges and universities that are promoting antisemitism. We took a look at the amount of federal funding going to, let's say, Columbia $1.2 billion last year. UCLA in excess of a billion dollars. Yale, $776 million. Harvard $676 million. UT Austin, which is a scene of many of these terrible protests these last couple of days- $646 million. We need to stop the federal funding to these universities that are not stopping antisemitism."

We also talked with Senator Daines about a recent Bidenomics inflation roundtable we hosted along with Americans for Prosperity-Montana at Evergreen Ace Hardware in Billings, Montana.

Senator Daines:  "We're at a 40 year high under Joe Biden and Senate Democrats. It's up 20% Since Biden took office, and this really is a shrinking of the paycheck. It's a tax on all Montanans and the folks who are hurt the most can afford it the least."

Daines called out Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) for voting with Senate Democrats on the $2 trillion massive tax and spend bill that is credited with spiking inflation. 

Senator Daines:  "Jon Tester. We literally, Aaron, are on opposite sides on virtually every single vote in the US Senate. Jon's voted with Joe Biden over 95% of the time. They're trying to cover that up right now because of this election coming up. I think Montanans are seeing through that right now."

Here's the audio of our chat with Senator Daines:

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