Montana has had plenty of famous athletes make it big from the Big Sky, but what about famous coaches? Bob Green was on another level.

Let's go back to my Senior year in high school. Myself and another football teammate of mine were asked to make the trip over to Butte, America, to visit the prestigious Montana Tech football program as part of a recruiting trip.

Everyone who knew anything about Montana football was familiar with coach Bob Green. In the football world, this man is a legend. Not only for the way he turned the football program around but for his hilarious one-liners. Now it may not seem like Bob is a "serious" person, but what you may not know is that this coaching legend is a United States Marine Corps veteran who served in Vietnam. According to his Wikipedia page, Bob received various accommodations and service medals throughout his Military career.

It seems Bob would take that military work ethic and apply it to his coaching style when he came to Butte in 1987.  Also according to according to Wikipedia Bob Green led Montana Tech to the NAIA National Playoffs five times in 1992, 1996, 1997, 2004, and 2005, which includes the 1996 National Championship Game.

As soon as my friend and I met Bob, we realized all the funny stories about this guy were true. Imagine an auctioneer talking to you, only he's zipping out one-liners about a Nickel defense and Quarterback that needs glasses. Looking back it was a really neat honor to meet Bob, and even better to learn that he was actually "that guy" all the time.

His game interviews, good or bad, have become very famous in the Football world. Here are some of my favorite Bob Green one-liners:

"We gotta be like a woodpecker in a petrified forest, just keep busy and look for opportunities.

"Some aspects look like we're really ready to play. A couple of other aspects look like we just got off  Willie Nelson's tour bus.

"You could've used that to torture prisoners into making confessions. That was a bad football game."  -Coach Bob Green

Now, you might not believe a head Football Coach would have zingers right off the cuff like this, or have the courage to say exactly how he felt, so for you skeptics, I provide you video proof below.

And if you are somehow running across this article, Coach, thank you for all the wins, the laughs, and for taking the time to meet with a few small-town high school kids many years ago. Cheers, sir!



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