Thieves and scammers will go to almost any length to rip you off. Unfortunately, this week it's been reported they are actually showing up to your property, and it sounds scary.

First, I'd like to thank Missoula Electric Cooperative for posting this information via their Facebook as a community safety alert. In the past few days, men in a white Ford Ranger have been making their rounds in Missoula, the Bitterroot, and Clinton pretending to be with Missoula Electric Co-op.

(Via The MEC FB)

  • On August 18th in Florence, a man in a white Ford Ranger was going door to door telling tenants that he was with MEC and wanted to do a "home energy audit" and needed to take pictures of electrical equipment on the property.
  • On August 25th in Clinton two men in a white truck (presumably the same truck) were going house to house in yellow safety vests telling tenants they needed to check for "gas leaks" on the property.
  • Again on August 25th in Missoula, two men were once again going from door to door telling residents they needed to do an energy audit and take pictures of electrical equipment. They are now suspected of later returning and robbing the home.

A very short time ago we reported on an ongoing phone scam from someone pretending to be with the power company trying to get your personal information. 

Missoula Electric Coop warns the community that they will never show up to do random "energy audits", nor do they serve gas. Anyone from their company will be driving a clearly marked vehicle and have proof of employment and a service record for any work they need to perform.

If any of these scammers show up at your home, you are urged to lock your doors and dial 911. Trust your instincts and be safe, Montana!

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