Shame on me.

I got so caught up this morning talking about the new bullfighting thing in Mexico and the no more dog meat thing in South Korea, I forgot to mention that today is Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.

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They are often ridiculed and seldom praised for the hard work they do. In today's world, it has become even more difficult for them to do their job. There's a phone in every hand in America now trying to show you how awful these men and women are.

Credit: ev on Unsplash
Credit: ev on Unsplash

Brief run-ins with the law.

Chances are many of you will never have to deal with a policeman a sheriff or a Highway patrolman. I've dealt with all three as a violator of the law (speeding) and they have always been respectful and professional to me. We are so lucky to have these people who put on a uniform and are willing to rush to life-threatening situations for such little pay and admiration.

Imagine where we would be without them. We are lucky that we haven't turned into an L.A. or Chicago where it's out of control. It may seem at times like it is, but statistics show it's not.

Credit: Jacky Lam on Unsplash
Credit: Jacky Lam on Unsplash

With the way that the media and these radical leftists treat them as villains, it's going to get harder and harder for us to find these brave men and women who might not go home on any given night. You'll. never know how much you need them UNTIL you need them.

For all of you who have chosen to protect and serve, thank you.

See you tomorrow at 5.

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