Montana Governor Greg Gianforte (R-MT) and his wife Susan purchased the historic Hauser Mansion in Helena, Montana and have donated it to the State of Montana free of charge.

The governor's office announced the news on Monday, adding that the Gianforte's purchased the home privately last week for $4 million and will offer it as a gift to the state.

According to the governor's office, "the historic Hauser House was built in 1885 by entrepreneur and territorial governor, Samuel T. Hauser. The house, which predates Montana statehood, has been home to former Governor Tim Babcock." 

While the State will ultimately decide its purpose, the governor is committed to ensuring future First Families have a governor’s residence that is in good repair, safe, healthy, and family-friendly, all while ensuring the state is a good steward of taxpayer resources.

I noticed a thread on X (Twitter) recently where Democrat lawmakers were complaining about the fact that the governor isn't living in the current governor's mansion in Helena, which is in need of major repairs that will cost the state millions of dollars.  According to a liberal blog, the Democrat lawmakers are mad that the governor isn't spending even more of the taxpayers dollars to fix up the mansion. 

According to the governor's office, the governor had to move out of the old residence at 2 N. Carson Street at the recommendation of the Montana Department of Administration, which maintains the home. The press release added that "due to inflation, supply chain shortages and delays, and the low availability of skilled labor, the Montana Department of Administration paused repairs on the Montana Governor’s Residence."

I gotta say, my initial reaction when I first heard about the old mansion was this: I have to agree with former Kalispell Mayor Tammi Fisher- sell it. Why not sell the old mansion instead of dump millions into it? This seems to make even more sense when you consider how historic and ornate the Hauser Home is that will be donated by Governor Gianforte and his wife Susan.


LOOK INSIDE the historic Hauser Mansion in Helena, Montana below:






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