Powerless in the Townsquare Tower.

Well, this morning was my first ever, at work, power outage. You kind of take electricity for granted in day-to-day life, until you don't have it.

I first noticed that there were no street lights or traffic lights when I first hit the city limits this morning at about 4:40. Please remember that during a power outage, all intersections revert to 4-way stops. Some of you didn't know that, apparently.

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As I got downtown, I saw more and more buildings that were completely dark. Including the hotel that our radio stations that sit atop of. I have a couple of strict policies. One, I don't hike up 23 floors to go to work. Two, I don't get in elevators at places that have recently experienced power supply problems. Although I had to break policy #2 when I rode in the freight elevator so that we could get to work.

Oh, the irony.

It's kind of funny that the power went out to all of the FM stations and TV stations, so none of us could tell you about the power being out. I got several messages from listeners thinking that we were just having trouble with the app again.

People always ask "Why did the power go out?" No idea. I'm fairly certain that we pay our power bill every month...and so much of the town was hit by the outage. I'm sure that we will know the culprit by the 5 o'clock news.

For us, it was a rare opportunity to grab some breakfast at Stella's.

Credit: Aaron Flint, TSM
Credit: Aaron Flint, TSM

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