From New York City cab driver to Fox News TV host and stand up comedian- Jimmy Failla is coming to Helena, Montana this Spring. We caught up with Failla Tuesday morning and talked about his new book "Cancel Culture Dictionary." We also talked about his upcoming show in Helena.

Let's start with the Helena comedy show he is doing March 29th at the Civic Center. (Click here for tickets)

Jimmy Failla: You're gonna meet a lot of my Fox News Saturday night crew there, because we're rolling in pretty hard. That's Friday night, March 29th. And because I have this Saturday night TV show, we're either filming it out by you in Helena, or we're gonna be filming like man on the street stuff like interviews at the show and then flying home in New York to actually do the show Saturday Night. One way or the other, if you guys come to the Helena Civic Center, you'll see me do comedy- and you'll probably wind up on my TV show. So I don't know if that's a good thing.

What's the deal with his new book, "Cancel Culture Dictionary?"

Jimmy Failla: Cancel culture is not new. Okay. Prior to social media, we had people who got upset at jokes. We just didn't call them cancel culture. We called them losers. Okay, the whole point of being alive is to have fun. And what I'm doing in this book is giving you an A to Z guide to having fun. Meaning- ways to go back to living like it was the 80s or the 90s when we didn't police speech, we didn't worry about offending anybody. Because who cares? Okay, life is not built for the guy who's going to show up to the party and get offended by everything. Because the truth is, that guy doesn't get invited to parties.

I told Jimmy how BET Comic View was one of the best shows back in the 90s, but now even the black comedians get canceled for telling jokes.

Jimmy Failla: Here's the thing about jokes. Jokes are supposed to be treated like a buffet. If you see a joke you like, throw it on the tray. If you don't like a joke, you just keep walking. You don't hold up the line and yell at the chef.

Click here for more info on his new book.

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