We had a great dining experience last night at The Texas Roadhouse.

On our show, Paul & I often talk about the places you go into to eat, and the teenage kid working the register doesn't even bother with a simple "hello."

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That wasn't the case at the Roadhouse. We were greeted by the hostess as soon as we walked in. The gal who was going to seat us grabbed some rolls and that awesome butter. And as we were walking, she was asking all kinds of questions. "Have you been here before?" "Are we celebrating any special occasions this evening?" Nice gal.

After being seated, we were greeted instantly by our waitress.

Service was prompt, and the food was amazing. If you can have a favorite restaurant house salad, the Roadhouse has mine. (hold the hard-boiled egg)

I had the prime rib, blackened. It was extremely tender and tasty.

We boxed our food up and were about to head out. That's when the manager stopped and asked about our dining experience.

I told my daughter that she could learn from our dinner. I said that the Texas Roadhouse is like a "Customer Service College". People just want to be acknowledged and they sure did a great job.

I was also told that each server only waits on three tables at a time. They call it "turning the tables" in the restaurant business. I call it "eating quickly and getting home".

My only complaint is that they don't have a Heights location.

Great job, Texas Roadhouse! 5 stars.

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