The Montana Angle on Monday's US Supreme Court Decision

If the United States Supreme Court unanimously rejected an effort to removed Donald Trump from the ballot in 2024, in a 9-0 vote, what would they do if Democrats in Montana press forward with trying to keep Montana's popular attorney general off the ballot?

Think about it. I will guarantee you that some of these Supreme Court justices despise Donald Trump- especially the radical Leftists justices like Sotomayor and Kagan. But even they did the common sense Constitutional thing and, surprise surprise, allowed a leading presidential candidate to stay on the ballot.

So what would they do if Montana Democrats are successful in their effort to try and remove Montana's AG from the ballot in 2024? Expect another 9-0 decision making a mockery of the Montana Dems and the liberal mob on the Montana Supreme Court.

Democrats here in Montana ARE trying to remove Attorney General Austin Knudsen from the ballot in 2024. As Joy Pullman documented for The Federalist, Democrats are launching similar tactics against other Republican Attorneys General elsewhere across the country.

As Pullman pointed out in a piece one month ago:

These attorneys general have been protecting millions of Americans from unconstitutional Biden administration attempts to change laws without Congress, a practice Barack Obama dramatically expanded. They have supported the Remain in Mexico policy impeding mass illegal migration, defended landowners from federal seizure of their property, fought a requirement for transgender policies to serve school lunches, sued to keep leftist politics out of investment, and sued for records about the Biden administration designating school board protesters as terrorists.

As I pointed out back in September, this complaint against Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen (R-MT) is a JOKE. It's also a reminder of what a clown show the liberal Montana Supreme Court has become.

Lee Newspapers ran with this headline last Fall: Special counsel files professional misconduct complaint against Montana Attorney General

Conveniently left out of this report by the liberal Lee Newspapers in Montana was the fact that the lawyer who brought this complaint is a Missoula trial lawyer who frequently donates to candidates backed by Democrats, as Eric Sell noted via X. (Sell is an attorney who worked for former Attorney General Tim Fox by the way)

The liberal Lee Newspapers report also refused to publish a full response from Attorney General Austin Knudsen's spokeswoman Emilee Cantrell. Here it is in full so you can read it for yourself:

The Attorney General looks forward to filing his response with the commission. The allegations are meritless and stem from a legitimate dispute between two branches of government. No one should be persecuted for holding a different opinion than those in power. 

This is nothing more than a political stunt. The hand-picked 'investigator' is a long-time Democrat activist and donor. It's curious timing that this is released after more than two years--but right before a Democrat is set to announce he will run for attorney general.

The AG's office also noted that, according to CERS, the "investigator" has been a Democrat donor for more than 20 years who has given over $7,525 to Democrat and liberal judicial candidates.

Click here for much more on that story.

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