It's always tough to get back from the Fakes trip and a week of R & R and then hit the ground running, but we did. So much happened this week, it's hard to wrap it all up in Farmer Finishers.

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It will be a really busy weekend this weekend and next with all the shows. The all-Class State wrestling tourney is this weekend and they are expecting a big commerce weekend in Billings. If you are attending, you can also check out the Building and Remodeling show going on at the Expo Center.

I'm guessing many of those wrestling fans are also into guns. Good news, the gun show is also this weekend so you can check that out between matches.

Next weekend, the hits keep coming with the health expo starting Thursday. Also, the biggie for everyone in Agriculture is the mate show. Even if you are not directly involved in farming or ranching, there is some good stuff down there for the average Joe. Great knives and cooking things, besides all the great brand-new farm machinery that irrigated guys buy.  It's always fun to go there and dream about some of that million-dollar equipment. After the power outage this week in Billings you might want to stock up on some of the jerky they sell. You might need to survive on that for a week or two if we can't get these power plants up and running.

Have a good weekend and we'll see ya Monday at 5.

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Gallery Credit: Mary K

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