Power outages and electronics.

I guess it's fair to say that people feel the same way about me as I do when it comes to electronics. This morning, like many of you, we were without power here at the station for about two and a half hours. When it did come back on, we had to fire everything up and reboot things. Even our copy machine had to be reset.

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These kinds of things are over my head. I am getting better as the years go by, but I still need to call in the troops when I have problems. Even with my phone, which is an iPhone 7, I still need assistance from John to help me get some things done like electronic signatures, etc.


What about these things?

People say "REALLY?" Yeah, really! I'm thinking the exact same thing when I see people who can't figure out how to fix a flat tire, or even see people who need a jump and can't figure out how to hook up the jumper cables. I'm thinking, "Isn't that basic knowledge that everyone knows?"

So, I'll make you a deal, the next time I can't figure out how to e-sign, you don't make me feel like some kind of loser. Then I will keep to myself my thoughts about you not being able to change a tire.

See ya tomorrow at 5 and hopefully the elevators are working. We don't mind going down 23 flights of stairs but we sure as hell aren't walking up 23 floors.

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