The day of love is coming up.

I'm seeing many of Billings' Fine Dining Restaurants posting their dinner specials for Valentine's Day. It makes me wonder if the lovers' holiday is a big one in your relationship.

Varied experiences.

I've dated a lot of gals who didn't see February 14th as anything other than a day when all the nice restaurants are crowded. I've also dated a few who regard Valentine's Day as the single most important relationship day of the year. It's the day that you'd better get dinner reservations at that one special restaurant where you always go for the big day. Along with that, you'd better have gotten the perfect card that says exactly the right thing.

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That's why I was sad when "Signed, Sealed & Delivered" closed. They always had great cards there. My secret "go-to" place for great cards now is Cracker Barrel. I've found many perfect cards there through the years.

Stepping it up.

I know places like Albertsons have turned up their Valentine's game. They've got an incredible selection of flowers, at great prices, and their card selection is awesome.

I always thought flowers would put me back in a gal's good graces if I gave her some on Valentine's Day...but one year, I was dating a rather hard-to-please woman. I arrived at her place to pick her up to take her out for a lobster dinner that she loved so much, at her favorite restaurants. When she opened the door, I handed her a dozen yellow roses. She looked me in the eye and said, "They're the wrong color."  I didn't know Valentine's roses had to be red. My Bad.

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