After listening to the 911 conversations of the bridge collapse, I have even more respect now for our brave first responders. It pisses me off to listen to some of these raging liberals berate and persecute the men in blue.

This defund-the-police movement is driving me crazy. These men even defied orders not to go on the remaining part of that bridge that was standing to look for survivors.

People like A.O.C. and others from the posse run their mouths, but yet when they are threatened, scream "help" the loudest. Our liberal-run cities in this country are a disaster, even going as far as letting 21-time crooks out on the street again and then shooting and killing a brave policeman in New York this week. Turn your head the other way rules, allowing shoplifting up to 900 dollars worth. Yet these officers still show up for work every day not knowing if they will see their wife and kids that night.

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We treat police like crap and yet elevate teachers to the highest pedestal. Don't get me wrong; I respect what they do every day too, but how about some respect for these brave men and women? If you want crime to slow down and peace to return to these cities, then get rid of the current people representing them. They're your own worst enemy. You might as well throw in all the nutjob judges out too who are letting them loose.

God bless the men in blue.

See ya tomorrow at 5.

Baltimore bridge collapse

Gallery Credit: Randy Kirby

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