I saw a poll recently asking people how they felt about getting unsolicited phone calls. While a few seemed okay with them, the majority, like myself, clearly disliked them.

It's easy to see how big companies use technology to mass-dial every possible phone number in Montana. But how do politicians like John Tester or Matt Rosendale get my number? I often answer calls with a 406 area code, assuming it's local, only to get hit with unwanted solicitations. I swiftly hang up and block the number, but the mystery of how they acquired it remains.

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Unsolicited emails are just as frustrating. I check my email sparingly, maybe a couple of times a month. And every time, it's an uphill battle to unsubscribe from companies I never opted into receiving messages from in the first place. Dominos Pizza, I'm looking at you! Just because I ordered on a Saturday night doesn't mean I want daily emails. In fact, it makes me less likely to order again.

And let's not forget the mountains of unsolicited junk mail and flyers, especially during politically charged seasons like the upcoming one in Montana. To any candidate out there reading this, please remove my name from your mailing list immediately. I'm already committed to specific candidates in every race, from state to local to federal. So, save some trees and cross me off your list!

As Sugarloaf aptly sang in 1975, "Don't Call Us, We'll Call You." Let's all embrace this sentiment and reclaim our peace of mind from uninvited solicitations!

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